Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cost of living, millennials and open letters.

Buzzword: millennial.

25-year-old yelp employee called Talia wrote an open letter to her CEO about pay and cost of living, then was fired. She also wrote this cracked article from a few years ago and I can only imagine how that adds to her current struggles.
29-year-old called Stephanie came along shamed the 25-year-old in her own open letter, before a 36-year-old called Sara destroyed the 29-year-old’s whiny piece.
Then a GQ millennial wrote this satire gem piece and ruined the 29-year-old and won the open letter millennial game.
(Cost of living in a post-crisis market is a real problem, but people get caught up on who threw shade and who won or lost these trending battles).
My new hero is Sara Lynn Michener

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