Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cost of living, millennials and open letters.

Buzzword: millennial.

25-year-old yelp employee called Talia wrote an open letter to her CEO about pay and cost of living, then was fired. She also wrote this cracked article from a few years ago and I can only imagine how that adds to her current struggles.
29-year-old called Stephanie came along shamed the 25-year-old in her own open letter, before a 36-year-old called Sara destroyed the 29-year-old’s whiny piece.
Then a GQ millennial wrote this satire gem piece and ruined the 29-year-old and won the open letter millennial game.
(Cost of living in a post-crisis market is a real problem, but people get caught up on who threw shade and who won or lost these trending battles).
My new hero is Sara Lynn Michener

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 3: Mini-challenge at Circuit Factory

Oh my days. I feel like I've been mauled by a bear, crawled out of my grave with broken bones, walked across a snowy tundra and exacted revenge for my son's death.

No oscars for me though, I've just been going to a gym class at 5am this week. Today is day 3 with a rest day in between. I'm shattered. The gym owner kept calling me "Khaleesi" to motivate me which I appreciate, and yeah, most days I am the mother of dragons, but today I felt like the mother of suck-ass, last of the race, breaker of burpees.

But at the same time I feel good. You gotta start somewhere, so I might as well start in the winter of my 20s, with my soft teddy bear stature and low stamina. Here's to better health.