Sunday, August 11, 2013

The links aren't working

2009 was a good writing year for me. I co-wrote a series of articles about my summer internship in Malaysia with a friend, and I used that momentum to write about my mom's racist encounters in Kuwait and an obituary/homage about Yasmin Ahmed's sudden death.

My writing petered out, and I didn't keep track of these things. A few years later I get an email saying that those summer internship articles (and the one about my mom) disappeared when the online magazine they were featured on crashed. Then my Yasmin Ahmed article gets shuffled out of existence on that Malaysian news/blog website that it was featured on.

I'm sure if I devoted enough time I could dig out these articles from my inbox or call that friend who co-wrote some of those articles with me. But that's not the point. The point is that for some reason I have a finite amount of published writing even though it isn't considered to be a finite skill. Furthermore, it just plain old sucks when your work disappears like that and you have no backup!

I have learned my lesson, and now I think I will just re-publish my articles here on my blog and cite where it was originally published.

All this frustration is interfering with my creative mojo.

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