Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remember myspace and Hi5? Anyone?

My own guide to managing my social media.

Facebook: Everything everything everything. Most people think "if you have Facebook then what's the point of other social media channels?" The point is that Facebook should be just your circle of friends, so you want to share albums or write essay-long Facebook status's where people can engage through comments and likes. I treat my Facebook like a place to catch up with my friends who live aboard, and I keep my friend's list low to exclude people I haven't met or aren't close to.

Twitter: When you're having a crazy article-sharing day where you're reading 10-20 amazing things and keep posting them one after another. On Facebook the posts get pushed down (even though they're so amazing!) but Twitter turns your articles into a neat list (with helpful hastags). It makes it great as a reference point as well when you want to go back to that article.

Or, you can use Twitter for brief outbursts of thoughts that you happen to have in 140 characters or less.

Instagram: Should be employed when you accept that yes, it's an overabused haven for hipsters, but get over yourself and go ahead and have fun. Very useful for travel or outings where everything suddenly looks magical (especially when enhanced with filters). So go ahead, re-enact those cliched sunsets and use cheesy Polaroid borders. It's just goofy fun and also has handy hashtags and keeps your pictures in neat squares (though this can be frustrating if you like landscapes and portrait photos).

That's about it. I don't have guides for other social media channels because I'm a little overextended with the 3 I have now.


Finally took advantage of the weather and went tanning this weekend with some friends. Despite wearing SPF 50 on some parts and limiting exposure on others in between jumping in and out of the pool, I do feel a little crispy around the edges.

It's been a lovely weekend. Hours of ridiculous charades followed into the night, some highlights were 'As long as you love me,' 'Titanic,' 'Big Bang Theory' and a friend doing a dance around an imaginary sombrero for "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."

I also realized that some people can communicate rather extreme emotions just through a look. There are some people I will not mess with after that night.

"Two words, sounds like your guts getting punched out if you don't guess this."