Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meltdown cooled (and other thoughts)

Today I drove between my old office and my new one in the 40'c heat (or 104'f for you imperial equivalents)   and got lost in business bay. It looks nice from Sheikh Zayed Road but it was no picnic navigating between the construction and incomplete roads. I better find a faster route to my new office before I start there (if I start there, if nothing goes wrong with the paper work inshallah).

Business Bay (with cool filters on)

In other news, the sudden summer isn't doing anyone any favors. I'm seeing frizzy hair, moisturizer slipping off of people's face, children crying. We need to adjust guys. Even I'm breaking out as a reaction to the sudden shift of ~30'c dry breezy days to 40'c stifling humid crazy oven heat.

Tonight I'm catching up with a friend! I can't wait. Usually I reserve my evenings for a combination of Game of Thrones/ Vikings/ Hannibal/ American Horror Story, so you know this friend is special if she can tear me away from TV. She just got back from her semester studying Arabic in mid-revolutionary Egypt. I can't wait to hear her stories (you can find her blogging about it here). I wonder how her Egypt experience will measure up to her UAE experience; Both good but in different ways?

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