Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bizza menu will make to be death of me

Pizza menu terms & conditions

Today we spent about 10mins trying to decide on what pizza to order. This colleague of mine is reading this pizza menu that was badly translated from Urdu to Arabic (supposedly) and he's laughing his ass off, saying "this isn't Arabic, this is bullshit! Kill me but don't kill my language!" then he laughed and took out his phone to take a picture and said "this has will to be on twitter today!"

I'm just like slow-clapping from my English-speaking corner.

P.S. pizza turned out good!

*Background story: So I have colleagues who have less-than-stellar English (which is perfectly acceptable, as I have extremely less-than-stellar Arabic). They're all a lovely bunch of folks, but one of them sometimes gets under my skin. Despite his level of English (which I range between 400-450 on the TOEFL) he sometimes walks around with his chest out and makes statements like "English is a shallow language, expressions are too much limited, not rich like Arabic." I don't say anything, because yes Arabic is beautiful, but I don't tell him what I really think, which is that he isn't quite qualified enough in English to pass linguistic judgments like that.  I just sit and pay attention while he explains things in a stream of roughly put-together sentences and I mentally note that if it were me in Arabic, I couldn't do what he's doing in English.  But 3adi, let's all get along, if he says English is shallow and he thinks his English is good enough to say that, then fine. 

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