Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learned Bangla

I spent about a month in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with my wonderful boyfriend and his family. During my stay I managed to learn some helpful words and phrases. I tried my best to categorize what I've learned.

Note: The country is Bangladesh (home of Bangla). The people and culture are Bengoli, and the language is Bangla.

The Bengolis fought a war to retain the right to speak Bangla, and their war is acknowledged by the United Nations when they declared February 21st as Mother language day.


What's up? Ki Khobor
How are you? Kemon acho?
How are you? (Respectful, for elders) Kemon Achen?

I am good. Ami Bhalo/ Bhalo Ase.
Not good. Bhalo na.

What's happening? Ki hoi se?
Nothing. Kichew na.

Where? Koothai/koi
When? Ko khon?
How? Kemon kore?
Why? Kano?

Basic commands:

Come. Asho/(respectful, for elders) ashen
I'm coming. Ashtasey/ashi
Sit. Bosho/(respectful, for elders) Boshen
Wait/stand. Darow/(respectful, for elders) Daren
Will you not eat? Kaba na?
I will eat. Kabo
I ate. Kayasee
I ate too much. Kaysee onik.

Very. Onik.
Too much. Khub.

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