Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to Break Away (for awhile)

Things got busy around here for me. Working hard at work, working hard at finding new work, applying, emailing, going in for interviews, working out the commuting system of buses and trains. People talking at me, me talking back, getting advice and dispensing some advice myself. It's just been busy.

Now I'm sick and after a dizzying attempt at going to work, I gave up and got off the bus a few stops later to take a taxi home.

Being sick at home with the internet just makes me feel like things have gotten a little too repetitive and old. Facebook, Twitter, everyone seems to think 9gag is the shit and so it's flooding my senses from every way possible. The news is a myriad of events and explosions.

I feel like I've been so worked up and wrapped up with the news and work and I didn't realize how much I was involved until this illness sapped the energy out of me. Now I feel a little deflated. And I feel like I have a better perspective of what's going on.

My conclusion is that it's a lot of white noise and the cure is to get away for awhile. I'm so grateful that a trip to Bangladesh is gonna work out for me, and just in time too. I think it'll be a refreshing break from the lights and buzz. What's a better way to get away from the SSDD than to go to a new country where everything is different?

I think the best part is that I'll be escaping to the countryside of Bangladesh in their winter, where the mustard flower fields are out and blooming. I like the idea of quiet, removed, and getting to know a new family of aunts and cousins. I like the idea that my internet access will be quite limited and that new cooking adventures await me.

I hope I don't jinx anything. I've heard of people planning a relaxing trip to Egypt just as the revolutions broke out around them. I know that Bangladeshi politics have been a little turbulent (to say the least) and it may sound selfish for me to say this, but I hope the part I go to is unaffected by any political happenings.

So from this quiet room with tea, panadol and Childish Gambino's new album "Camp" playing on low in the background, I wait out this sickness and count down the days to my escape. Green fields, family, new language and food, I can't wait to see you.