Saturday, January 23, 2010

Second week sniffles

Tomorrow's week 2 of the Spring semester and already my energy levels have dropped from vacation "woohoo!" to "I'm in my jammies by 9.30pm so sue me" levels. I feel like I stomped (hard) on the brakes, and the pace is just mozying along. It's not all bad, as I've managed to catch up on quite a lot of CSI and even cleared out part of my closet. In some ways I actually miss school and the heavy class readings, and I'm at that safe productive stage where I'll finish any assignments nearly right away for lack of anything better to do. That's quite good yeah?

I put sniffles in the subject because this is also the time of year people are plagued by, well, plague-like symptoms. The signs you were too busy partying to notice have made themselves known now, and it is going to be over these next couple of weeks where I'll need to remember where I kept the vitamins, the face lotions, the herbal tea, etc etc, basic maintenance products. And I thought these were going to be my youthful years. Ah well. At the moment I smell like cucumber-mint-rose-something-or-other, or rather, the smell of staying in and pampering yourself.

So laaaazzzzyyyyyy.

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