Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get out!

I was rambling on the phone to Anna when we both should have been doing mundane house chores and she reminded me of this one story about my silly brother. You see, he looks like Keanu Reeves's far-removed cousin just in that they share the same Wasian genetic make-up (Ha! How many of you knew that Keanu Reeves is Wasian?) so my brother could pass off as anyone, especially central Asian I guess.

Anyways, the narrative runs thus: My brother and a few of his friends go to this sketchy dark store run by an Afghani. He's been making fun of his friend the whole day so his friend turns to the store keeper and points at my bro and goes "You see this guy? He's Ruski" the storekeeper takes one look at him and says "burrah" and points to the door. My brother laughs like this is a joke, but the storekeeper is still pointing at the door and glaring at him, so he slinks out and has to wait till his friends were done shopping. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't pick on people who can use a little 1970's politics on you, especially if you look the part.

Heehee, my dumbass brother still has to avoid that store :P

*burrah is 'get out' in Arabic

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