Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quoting My Globalization Professor

Peppered through a review of the course material in class are these delightful tidbits of muttered afterthoughts on Globalization. My notes are covered with his/her words of wisdom.
(Obviously the professor wasn't Obama, but I put in that picture because Obama is an adonis).

On resources and changing political structures:
Prof: So which country in the gulf is losing oil--
student: --and adopted democracy?
Prof: *narrows eyes* in the gulf.

On developing countries requesting financial aid:
"Of course developing countries wouldn't reject monetary aid, who have you heard tell the world 'we like 70% illiteracy and a ruined economy, and even a debt of $500billion, who needs money? We're fine!'"

On death tolls:
"How many people died in WWII? 20million, that's crazy! The Middle East didn't have that. Iran-Iraq war, pretty bad, but you're not looking at 20million. The Arab-Israeli war, it was nothing, peanuts really-- no offense!

On information capital:
Prof: So what else about knowledge guys?
Student: Knowledge is power?
Prof: *sigh* yes yes, knowledge is power, power is in the West, and that's why everything is ROTTEN.

On security:
"There are many places in the world where an expat would feel relatively unsafe and insecure, but you lot say you feel quite safe here in Dubai, and I would have to agree. But there is one place where as an expat I do not feel safe at all... the Emirates Road highway, of course."

On companies investing in other countries' industry:
"If Germany wanted a Siemens factory out in Palestine, the Palestinians would accept because unemployment is crazy and they really need jobs, but the only jobs are in Israel, which is a problem in itself."

On woman's rights:
Student: Women are victims of abuse not just in countries that lack women's rights; like Russia has woman's rights but it also has the highest statistics on domestic abuse.
Prof: Perhaps, but Russia also has a problem with it's population being drunk half the time. Don't laugh, I'm not insulting Russia, I said just half!

On Political Sentiments in America:
Prof: To openly say you're a communist- even today- is like kissing any political aspirations you have goodbye
Student: But why? Lots of countries had communist groups. Doesn't America have freedom of speech?
Prof: Yes but even so Communism was regarded as the evil that kills society, all the American politicians made it appear so bad that if you told people you were a communist you might as well admit that you're a pedophile too. *looks around* Please don't write down that pedophile part.

[More to quotes to come, watch this space]

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