Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer articles and blogs

Well that was quick.

I turned around one day and realized that summer is over and I'm sitting dazed and confused in my classes again. What the hell mah? Wasn't I shopping for batik bags just yesterday?

Although it was too short, (much too short!), I managed to cram in an internship, meeting up with friends and family, and plenty of food into those months. And to show for it, minoritydreams generously hosted a series of articles I co-wrote with Nour on our summer together, as well as an article I wrote about my mom. Following film-maker Yasmin Ahmad's passing, I wrote an op-ed about her for the Malaysian Insider.

So that was a lot more work than I had intended to do, and the minute I was ready to lay back with my starfruit juice and kick back with my Asians, I was packing to leave. Not to sound petulent, but it's sooo unfair. I wasn't ready to go! I was nowhere near tired enough of the food stalls, card games, road trips, mangled Malay-English conversations, family dinners, the Malaysian music scene, wreckless motorcylists, or even the heavy tropical humidity to be on a plane headed towards research papers and SAND. Sand, psh. Woe as me. At least let me take the food stalls with me, gosh.

So that's June/July/and a bit of August for you.

Here's a sexy song from Malaysia's unelected President (whut whut).

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