Saturday, September 19, 2009

Escapist fantasies

I've been reviewing my current financial and academic situation, and have concluded that within the next five years, my only means of surviving would be to chain myself to both a class and office desk. I have no trust fund, no distant uncles with an obscene amount of inheritance ready to be wired to me upon their death, and no lotto ticket. I am not supremely intelligent, and my skills are limited at best. My previous conclusion of chaining myself to a desk and push pencils is sadly, my best (and only) future option.
Before I become wholly doomed to this frightfully unenviable life, I want to take a few long and indulgent paragraphs to say how utterly fascinating my life would be if my situation were otherwise.

I would know the chill of the Finnish midnight sun, and I'd know the heat of an Australian brush evening. I'd jump with the Maasai in Kenya and laugh with the Dutch in Utrecht. My skin would be freckled and calloused and my home would be packed on my back. My family can only reach me from my satellite phone, as I won't know a proper sheltered building for days on end. My lifestyle would make national geographic look as cozy as the cooking channel in comparison. I would live for every wasted hour I dazed in a class. There wouldn't be a country I haven't seen, a people I haven't met, or a language I haven't mangled. Mountain or desert, river or sea, jungle or forest, I would have climbed, trekked, swam or blazed just because I could.

And when my body begins to buckle, and those mountains are too high and the seas are too strong, I will retire somewhere with soft breezes, and under a shady tree filled with whispering branches, I will lay down and die.

This is the life I would choose, and if opportunity presents itself, it would be the life I lead.

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  1. AnnoyingAdvisorGuyOctober 19, 2009 at 4:52 AM

    Ms. K., it is true that you'll have to slave in the corporate mines for a while... But take it from me, you're not dead when you're thirty. Far from it; you will have the adventures you seek, you will, especially if you want them. I have a strong faith in that!