Monday, September 8, 2008

Checking the place out.

This is usually the time I plan to study, so of course I get sidetracked and start a blog.

I needed a place to collectively store what meager good writing I actually produce, and a new clean blog seems like a good place to start. I've had blogs or online journals before, but they were often secret, unkempt, and unfit for public viewing. This will be my first stab at managing a public online journal and keeping it kosher too. I am aware of the many scrutinizing forces out there who would pounce on my arguments and my (often-rambling) train of thought, so I will take care with this blog. Oh yes, I will take care.

My friend Nour is probably another reason why I've decided to organize myself blogstyle. Her own blog is impressive with insights to history, politics and poetry. Since I'm trying to get organized this semester (did I tell you I deactivated my Facebook account?) and followed Nour's blog closely, I figured, why not? Why not get that long-promised blog going? The lack of sponsors blinking on the margins of blogspot was another seller (I don't see how I always get the ads for increasing my penis size, it's just not right).

So this is a toast; to me, to you oh poor reader, and to the rubbish I will probably contribute to the blogsphere. Cheers.

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