Sunday, September 21, 2008


My university sent me an email alerting me that an unofficial forum has been created online "where students can Engage in discussions, Share their ideas, and download useful resources that might help them with their academics.. WHY 2 B ORDINARY WHEN U CAN B EXTRAORDINARY ..?
My response was "But I 2B oRDinArY bcUz I GOT iT fRoM mY mAmA LULZ!!!"

"Join us .. TODAY ..!!"
Maybe when.. you realize that ellipses have three full stops (lulz?).

These emails are definitely not to be ordinary.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Morning calls are crank calls from Hell

*incessant ringing*
*the kind of ringing the house is ignoring*
*you push yourself out of a coma sleep to answer the damn ringing*
"Good morning!" exclaims the cheery voice on the other end. Oh, so she knows it's morning eh? She probably knows how early it is too. Grunt so she knows it well.
"Yes?" I grunt sleepily.
"I'm calling about the broken toilet" the voice carries on, unfazed by the sleep that weighed down my responses, "You asked for 4pm, but we're not free then, ahaha!"
What kind of sadist calls a household at the crack of dawn to laugh at my toilet-appointment misery?
"Did you call with any good news?" I said, not caring to hide the sleep and irritation in my voice.
"Ahaha, yes!" Oh I could so choke her with the phone cord right about now, "I can reschedule it to 3pm! Is that okay? Can I talk to someone else?"
"No, 3pm is fine, nobody else needs to be alerted--"
"You sure I shouldn't call back again?"
"NO," I catch myself yelling, and I pause to calm down, "I mean, no, once is more than enough, thanks."
"Okay, ahahaha, thank you!" I hear her hang up the phone hastily on my testy tone. I crack my sleepily eyes open a little wider to glare incredulously at the phone, and in effect, the most inconsiderate and annoying person ever. "Beetch," I mumbled, angry that my inherent politeness thanked the laughing fool for waking me before she hung up. I glanced at the dawn breaking outside my window and shook my fist at it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family in Kourion, Cyprus, 365 A.D.

Some may find my sentiment morbid, but I feel like this woman was lucky to spend her last day in the arms of a loved one with a loved one in her arms. How many people are fortunate enough to have this last family embrace?

Picture by Noelle Soren.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Checking the place out.

This is usually the time I plan to study, so of course I get sidetracked and start a blog.

I needed a place to collectively store what meager good writing I actually produce, and a new clean blog seems like a good place to start. I've had blogs or online journals before, but they were often secret, unkempt, and unfit for public viewing. This will be my first stab at managing a public online journal and keeping it kosher too. I am aware of the many scrutinizing forces out there who would pounce on my arguments and my (often-rambling) train of thought, so I will take care with this blog. Oh yes, I will take care.

My friend Nour is probably another reason why I've decided to organize myself blogstyle. Her own blog is impressive with insights to history, politics and poetry. Since I'm trying to get organized this semester (did I tell you I deactivated my Facebook account?) and followed Nour's blog closely, I figured, why not? Why not get that long-promised blog going? The lack of sponsors blinking on the margins of blogspot was another seller (I don't see how I always get the ads for increasing my penis size, it's just not right).

So this is a toast; to me, to you oh poor reader, and to the rubbish I will probably contribute to the blogsphere. Cheers.